• 9006 LED 50W 6ohm Fog Light Load Resistor

9006 LED 50W 6ohm Fog Light Load Resistor

  • MAL-RES-9006-50W
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  • $20.00 CAD

LED lights operate at a lower wattage and draw less power than a standard bulb, this can trigger a bulb failure warning alarm on some modern vehicles. These LED Load Resistors will prevent this problem by connecting in parallel with the LED lights i.e. 1 wire connected to the positive and negative connections.


Equips with 50W 6ohm load resistor.
9006 lamp bulb connector/socket.
It will fix OBC error when installing LED kit.
Plug & play installation, no modification of stock wires needed.


Connector: 9006
Resistance: 50W 6ohm

Package included

2 x 9006 50W 6ohm Load Resistors to fix LED OBC bulb errors

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